Dolphin Supreme M4

For most pool owners, maintaining a pool can become a very challenging task, especially if they lack knowledge about the proper cleaning techniques and options that they can use. With that being said, this article will provide one of the best pool cleaning solutions to date – the Dolphin Supreme M4.

Exclusively distributed by Maytronics, the Supreme M4 is the newest innovation on pool cleaners which has a multitude of interesting features. When compared to other brands and other Dolphin pool cleaner models, M4 is less expensive and better in terms of performance, most probably because of the advanced improvements which are further explained below.


A versatile device as it is, the Dolphin Supreme M4 is an in-ground pool cleaner with wall climbing capability that can go up to 90 degrees. Hence, it is able to brush, scrub, clean, and filter the whole pool area including the floor, walls, and waterline, as well as steep corners and hard-to-reach areas. Because of this feature, it is highly recommended for cleaning pools with lengths up to 10 meters.

The unit itself is autonomous, which means you don’t need any pre-installations or connections to your pool system. It is also lightweight, handy, compact, and easy to clean and maintain. For doubled cleaning efficiency, Supreme M4 comes with an add-on brushing system. Equipped with an advanced cleaning technology, it makes the cleaning faster by using an enhanced pool scanning process. This technology is self-adjusting and quickly detects the size and shape of the pool, which removes the delays or hang ups and allows more efficient cleaning experience. Additionally, the unit has a top opening filtration compartment, which enables not only easy filtration, but simpler maintenance as well.

The Supreme M4’s filtration system uses 2 filters, which are installed mainly for an improved filtration rate. Dolphin models like M4 typically use a filter bag, although the user has an option to switch to a cartridge filter style whenever they want to. The cartridge provides easy access, therefore, it makes cleaning easier as it is placed on top.

By using the Dolphin Supreme M4, you have the power to choose among its three types of filtration. These filtration types include the following:

  • Ultrafine – By choosing this option, the cleaner can filter even the finest particles; that is why it is strongly recommended for pools with ongoing maintenance procedures.
  • Disposable Ultrafine – Choosing this filtering option allows easy filtration of algae and other debris. Best of all, you can use those filtering bags more than once.
  • Coarse Filtering – This option cleans larger particles such as leaves and the likes.

To prevent the debris from escaping the unit, the Dolphin Supreme M4 is designed with a one-way water valve, which also ensures fast water drainage. And because M4 has a low voltage motor, you won’t have to worry about excessive power consumption and higher electricity bills.

With proper repairing tools, a user can easily fix the device once a part of it is damage and needs to be replaced. This will not only save you from paying hefty shipping fees, but from charges on equipment maintenance as well. For additional convenience, the unit comes with a free carrying caddy. And most importantly, Supreme M4 comes with a three-year warranty that covers all parts, labor, and shipping fees.

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The Dolphin Supreme M4 has a cycle time of 2.5 hours, a cable length of 18 meters, 10 kilograms of weight, suction rate of 17 meter-cube per hour, motor voltage of 24 VDC, and dual filtration system that perfectly eliminates fine dirt and other debris.


Overall, the Dolphin Supreme M4 makes a solid unit that is perfect to users of any levels. Based on user reviews, this pool-cleaning equipment acquired an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars for being advanced, intelligent, efficient, lightweight, and easy to work with. But before you buy a Dolphin Supreme M4 online or locally at appliance stores, make sure to purchase it only from an authorized dealer. In this manner, you can take advantage of its three-year warranty to the fullest.

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