Dolphin Diagnostic 3001

If you want consistently excellent cleaning results on your large-sized pool, then the Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 pool cleaner is your best bet. Ideal for public swimming pools of all shapes and surfaces, this hard working device is guaranteed to deliver reliable performance, but without costing you a fortune.

The Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 pool cleaner is exclusively designed to clean commercial pools up to 25 meters in length. Place it anywhere in your pool and it will clean the area thoroughly – whether it is on the pool’s waterline, floors, or walls. This is made possible through its adjustable and powerful PVC brushes, which scrub and brush the entire pool area, regardless of what type of surface your pool has. Moreover, you’ll have more convenience from its exclusive corner cleaning feature and automatic suction control which increases its suction power the more dirty the filter gets. So now, all you need to do is wait and relax until the job gets done.

For more accurate pool coverage and efficient cleaning, the Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 uses an advance self-monitoring software. This software has state-of-the-art self-diagnostic capabilities and finishes the cleaning job in 6 hours. Additionally, it distributes the cleaning chemicals evenly on all parts of the pool, thus reducing chemical usage, most particularly chlorine. Therefore, the pool cleaner is not only efficient, but also environment-friendly.

For pool water filtration, the equipment uses self-contained filter bags that completely vacuums and collects dirt and other kinds of debris. The Diagnostic 3001 also has the ultra fine micronic filtration feature, which allows more accurate removal of contaminants in the pool, no matter how fine those particles may be.

What most users love about the Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 robotic pool cleaner are its money-saving benefits. Once you use this device, you’ll not only save on chemical costs, but also in energy consumption and backwashing costs. According to Maytronics, the manufacturer of the Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 pool cleaner, the low-voltage equipment can save as much as 50% on electricity and backwashing expenses, as well as 30% in terms of chemical costs.

Prior to usage, there is no need to pre-install or connect the unit to the pool’s system. Its 30-meter patented cable with swivel allows extended use and prevents cable tangling; while its air sensor makes it ideal especially to beach entry pools. Once you purchase the Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 pool cleaner, you’ll get a 24-month warranty and free carrying caddy, which allows easy transporting and storage of the device.


The Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 comes in prices ranging from $2,600 to $2,900, depending on your preferred local or online distributor.

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When it comes to performance, durability, and affordability, nothing beats the Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 robotic pool cleaner by Maytronics. If you own a commercial pool and now looking for an efficient yet cost-effective cleaning device, then the Diagnostic 3001 is the best way to go. Once you purchase this product, your satisfaction is guaranteed as Maytronics constantly delivers proven quality as a part of their commitment to their customers worldwide.

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